Aztek Pandora SCS Clamp

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The Aztek Pandora SCS is the most optimized SCS design to date. By moving the bolts as close as possible to the bars, combined with a weight-saving contour, Aztek was able to make this SCS the lightest and slimmest SCS yet. The Pandora has such a clean look, we think this might just be the best looking SCS on the market. The Aztek SCS is a SCS compression system. The Aztek SCS clamp is considered a baby scs because it only works with standard SCS bars without a slit. A baby SCS is slightly smaller than a full-sized SCS but provides equal clamping power. While SCS compression is more expensive than other compression systems, it is the most effective compression system you can put on a pro scooter. The Aztek SCS clamp was designed to work with standard outer diameter bars without a slit and cannot be modified to work with oversized bars. The Aztek Pandora SCS includes M8 bolts for maximum clamping power. M8 bolts are much less likely to strip than M6 bolts. It is a good practice with any compression bolt to tighten each bolt 1/2 turn at a time, one bolt at a time, until all bolts are completely tight. The Aztek SCS works with the SCS compression ONLY.

Aztek Pandora SCS Clamp Specifications

  1. Made from 7075-T6 Aluminum, which is 30% lighter and stronger than 6 series aluminum
  2. fits standard outer diameter bars ONLY with NO SLIT only
  3. includes compression washer and bolt
  4. 3"; raises bars 1.5 inches
  5. weighs in at just 6 ounces
  6. Available colors: AQUA, BLACK, IVORY, RUBY

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