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The Icon 1 is Drone's flagship park pro scooter and it's serious. It weighs in at just 7.04 pounds. 9 lbs is standard, 8 pounds is light, 7 pounds is exceptional! We all know that 19.5 inches is the ultimate park deck size, keeping things light and nimble but the Icon deck is 4.9 inches wide, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of park riders. To keep in line with the light park slayer theme, Drone suited the Icon 1 up with extremely lightweight Shadow 2 aluminum bars. Topping it off are the usual park assault components like 110mm Icon spoked wheels, a Drone synergy headset, Contrast aluminum double clamp, and Majesty IHC forks. While it sports conventional 110x24mm wheels, it is compatible with 30mm wide wheels (fork and deck spacers much be purchased separately). We think the Icon 1 is arguably the best looking scooter available on the market today - sinister in black and edgy in neochrome. Not matter which color way you purchase, the Icon 1 pro scooter looks almost as good as it performs at the park!

The Drone Icon 1 Scooter is built around a 4.9" by 19.5" deck with an 82.5 degree headtube angle. Because the deck does not have boxed ends, we consider the Drone Icon Scooter deck to be a park deck but it's equally at home at the skatepark or in your hood. Pro Scooter Decks that are 19-19.99" long will be ideal for intermediate to pro riders that have been in the sport for a while or for those scooter riders that need a little more footspace. The Drone Icon 1 Complete features oversized outer diameter Y-Bars that are 24.8" tall by 22" wide. Bars this size are ideal for riders who are 5 to 5.5 feet tall. Bars and forks are tied together via an IHC compression system, which is a favorite among pro scooter riders. Finally, the Drone Icon rolls on 110mm x 24mm wheels, which are the most popular size among riders.If you are looking for a capable park scooter, the Drone Icon 1 Complete Scooter might just be the scooter for you!

Drone Icon 1 Pro Scooter Specifications

  1. Weight: 7.05 lbs
  2. Total Height: 34"
  3. Bar Width: 22"
  4. Bar Height: 24.8"
  5. Bar Material: Aluminum
  6. Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized
  7. Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  8. Clamp Style/model: Drone Contrast II Clamp
  9. Compression: IHC
  10. Deck Width: 4.9"
  11. Deck Length: 19.5"
  12. Wheel size: 110mm
  13. Wheel Width: 24mm
  14. Fits wheel size range: 100mm-110mm
  15. Level of assembly: EASY
  16. Tools/Hardware included: YES
  17. Suggested Skill level: Beginner-Intermediate
  18. Available colors: BLACK, NEOCHROME

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