Our Journey

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Our Journey

It was started in 2012 by 19 year old Joseph with the guidance of long time friend and owner of Wicked Customs, Pro-scooters and skateboards in Huntington Beach. During the Christmas season of 2012, Joseph was at River Park (a local shopping center in Fresno) daily, rain or shine, Promoting his merchandise and the sport. With every penny he made, he would buy more inventory.

When Joseph leased his first shop it was a tiny 8’ x 14’ office space, but it was a store front and a genuine brick and mortar. It had just enough room in the back for a workbench, a little couch and a mini fridge. He would spend many nights at the shop, learning about business and inventory and the bookkeeping of a small business. Joseph continued to put all of his time and efforts into promoting the sport and building his business. He learned to ride, got to know the local riders, and constantly visited the nearby skate park.

In early 2014, with a little bit of success behind him, Joseph moved next door to a bigger office space. In June 2014, Xtreme Customs moved to its current location at 80 W. Bullard #105, a respectable 1,100 square foot retail space in a shopping center. Joseph is committed to the scooter community and the kids that ride. He sponsors a team of kids to promote the sport and help them continue having the equipment they need to be safe and successful. He just completed a scooter exchange program which resulted in donating more than 30 scooters to the Fresno Recreation Center for kids who would otherwise have no scooter at all.

Xtreme Customs was born from a child’s interest for scooters and curiosity. Joseph wanted to learn how scooters were made, where they came from and the science behind them. The youth innocence inside him and the passion for knowledge gave birth to Xtreme Customs. As he started getting answers to his questions, his shop became full with inventory. He learned how, where, when and what was required to build an awesome space for riders to buy scooters, accessories and repair. Joseph’s love for the sport has opened a window of opportunities for young riders in the community to do what they love most. He is determined to support as many children as possible.

Joseph strives to provide his customers with a wide range of affordable scooters and accessories. Some accessories to shop at Xtreme Customs include grips, wheels, bearings and scooter headsets.

He offers leading brands scooters including Envy Scooters, MADD Gear scooters, Lucky scooters, Crisp scooters and Phoenix scooters. There are scooters for beginners and Pro Stunt scooters as well. They have everything beginning from entry level scooter models for young riders to advanced scooter models for experienced riders.



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