Ethic Dryade Bar

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Ethic Dryade Bar

The Ethic Dryade bars are hands down one of the most iconic Aluminum bars on the market. They come in a ton of cool colors to choose from and are 22" wide. These bars are available in 22.4", 24.4" or 26.4" tall and come with a pre-installed slit, so you can ride IHC compression straight out of the box. Aluminum bars are super light and reliable! You've definitely seen these bars on someone's scooter at your local skatepark and now it's your turn to grab a pair for yourself!

The guys at Ethic even include a free SCS bar adapter which can be easily installed allowing them to work with SCS clamps too!

Ethic Dryade bars are aluminum so they are standard on the inside and oversized on the outside. They will work with IHC, SCS and ICS compressions. They will Not work with HIC compression.