Ethic Scooter Grind Wax

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Ethic Grind Wax

Tired of getting to a spot or skatepark and nothing slides? If thats the case, make sure to grab some of the best Ethic DTC scooter wax to ensure that whatever surface you may be trying to grind is ready for the test. This wax made by Ethic Pro Scooters is great when applied to concrete and metal in oder to keep you sliding and protect the bottom of your deck from wear. Using wax helps prevent damage being done to your deck by smoothing rough surfaces for grinding. As we always say in our shop, trying to grind a curb without wax will shred you deck up like a cheese grater.

Ethic grind wax is available in black, red or white  including a nice plastic case to avoid the wax getting dirty from debris and for easier storage.