Hella Grip Anton Abramson Signature Grip Tape

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Introducing Hella Grip Anton Abramson Signature Grip Tape. Becoming a Hella Grip Homie usually comes with an unofficial title. The term "Scanton" is a nickname given to homie Anton Abramson – like the photo scanner. The name came about when Anton was hanging out at Hella Grip HQ. First, one of the homies said, "Hey, Anton". Then, another yelled "More like, hey Scanton" – and it just stuck. 

We're excited to introduce a new blue classic color to the family, created by Scanton. Additionally, the bright line through the center of the sheet is a nod to the bright white scanner light. However, there's no risk of eye damage here!

In conclusion, this Anton Abramson Signature grip tape offers a better grip. Trim it for a perfect fit on any size deck. More importantly, the grit formula features a waterproof, tear-proof PVC liner that won't damage your shoes. The strong adhesive won't degrade in any weather conditions. Finally, measuring 7" wide by 24" long provides the perfect solution for your riding needs.

Hella Grip Anton Abramson Signature Grip Tape Specifications:

  • Premium Quality Grit Formula
  • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
  • High Slip Resistance and Durability
  • Easy Trimming Without Tearing
  • Sheet Measures 24 x 6 Inches

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AJ Merryman

Beautiful, great colors, and nice grit