Lucky Evo Jackson Burklund Sig Deck

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The wait is over, The EVO Jackson Burklund Sig Deck has landed! Fresh off his victory at the Seattle Street Jam with an INSANE wall ride.  God Bless JBURK!

Jackson inspired many of the improvements and changes to the latest EVO to make it an even better deck!
Flatter head tube angle for more room for taller riders and bars
Flattened out the bottom for more consistent grinds
Heat tube moved forward for more foot space
Squared off the dropouts.....and a few more hidden secrets

The new squared off deck design allows for more fluid, consistent grinds, and we moved the head tube forward and increased the angle to 83 degrees to give riders even more foot space.    


  • Width: 5"
  • Length: 22"
  • Head tube Angle: 83 degreees
  • Integrated axle and nut design to simplify axle installation
  • 3.95lbs. with hardware
  • Griptape included