RAW Toronto v3 Bar - Brushed

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RAW Toronto v3 Bar - Brushed

The Toronto bar by RAW is back and better than even in it's third version! These bars If you follow any of the Ethic team, you've probably seen a few of them riding these bars. The T shape bar has become iconic for the street scooter scene worldwide. The Toronto v3 Bar comes in at 23.6 inches wide and is available in three different heights including 26.8, 27.6, or 28.4 inches tall. Also, if your prefer your bars larger than this then you are in luck! RAW just dropped this bar in a XL size. In conclusion, the Toronto V3 bars by RAW are a great choice if you are due for some new bars. 

 These bars are Oversized and do not come with a Slit, so if you're looking to ride either IHC or HIC you will need to get a Slit installed.