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Gotrax Scooter Fender: The Ultimate Scooter Guard

Enhance your ride with the essential Gotrax Fender—your first line of defense against unpredictable elements. Perfectly tailored for Gotrax electric scooters, our fenders offer a dependable shield from mud and water, keeping your back and pants dry, no matter where your travels take you.

Built for Gotrax Models: Ensure a flawless fit by selecting the correct model for your electric scooter from the dropdown menu. These front and rear fenders are available for an extensive range of Gotrax models, including but not limited to:

  • GXL
  • GXL-V2
  • Rival
  • Apex
  • Apex Pro
  • Apex XL
  • XR Ultra
  • XR Elite
  • G2 Plus
  • G3
  • G4
  • GMAX Ultra
  • G MAX
  • G Pro
  • G3 Plus
  • Eclipse
  • GX1
  • GX2
  • GX3

Key Features:

  • Multi-Purpose Design: While it smartly complements the structure of your electric scooter's front fork, this Gotrax fender goes beyond aesthetics. It is engineered to keep you and your scooter clean and dry.
  • Mud and Splash Guard: Say goodbye to the kicked-up water and mud mess. Enjoy a cleaner ride, even on wet and muddy paths.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Regular cleaning of your electric scooter is made simpler. Our fenders allow easy access, encouraging consistent care and smooth operation for every journey.

Please Note:

  • Specific Model Selection Required: Choose the exact gotrax fender for your model from our dropdown menu to guarantee a perfect match.
  • No Returns Policy: Given the specific nature of scooter parts, all sales are final for our front fork fenders. Please confirm your model carefully or contact our customer service to ensure a correct purchase.

Don't let a puddle dampen your ride or a muddy path spoil your style. The Gotrax Fender is specially designed to keep the muck at bay. Precision-engineered for an array of Gotrax models, these fenders allow for a swift installation and a seamless look that is both functional and stylish.

Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on an urban adventure, the Gotrax wheel guard stands as an essential accessory for your electric scooter. Maintain the pristine condition of your ride and your attire with this practical add-on.

Remember to pick the right variant for your model, and if in doubt—customer service is just a message away to help with your decisions. Equip your scooter with the Gotrax Fender today and conquer every road with confidence.

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