Root Industries Lithium Double Clamp

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Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and fitted for most industry oversized handlebars, the Lithium double clamp is a subtle yet massive addition to the Root Industries clamp lineup, becoming the first brother clamp to the AIR double clamp. Durable, sleek, and functional, this high-quality clamp will keep your compression tight and your bars straight as can be, all while maintaining Root Industries ultra light standard. The Lithium clamp does not come with a shim so it only works with oversized bars so if you are running standard bars, you will need to purchase a shim separately. The Root Industries clamp is a double clamp. Double clamps are super light weight and the choice of most pro scooter riders, whether they ride street or park. Double clamps only have 2 bolts to compress your bars around your forks so, while they are effective, a triple or quad clamp will provide more clamping power and reduce the frequency with which you will have to tighten your clamp bolts. The Root Industries double clamp was designed to work with standard outer diameter bars with a slit and cannot be modified to work with oversized bars. The Root Industries scooter clamp includes standard M6 bolts, which provide adequate clamping power but can strip if overtightened. It is a good practice with any compression bolt to tighten each bolt 1/2 turn at a time, one bolt at a time, until all bolts are completely tight. The Root Industries Lithium Clamp works with the following types of compression: IHC, ICS, ICS10. If you are looking for a very light weight scooter clamp, the Root Industries Lithium 2 bolt clamp just might be the perfect clamp for you!

Root Industries Lithium Double Clamp Specifications

  1. Double clamps are very light weight and are the choice of most pro scooter riders who rider IHC or HIC compression. May require more frequent tightening than a triple or quad clamp.
  2. compatible with OVERSIZED bars ONLY
  3. Purchase a double clamp shim separately to use with standard bars
  4. made of 6061 series aluminum
  5. CNC machined to reduce weight
  6. 1.5"
  7. Available colors: BLACK, POLISHED, WHITE

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    Gregory Mccaffrey

    I like it. It reminds me of the tilt double clamp, but lighter.