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Designed to accommodate the larger bars that are becoming popular in the industry today. The Rigid SCS has an added overall length to the clamp of 15.5mm, which gives it more rigidity and clamping power. This is achieved by the integrated dust cover, giving the SCS a sleek and streamlined look. The stack height (bearing and handlebar position) does not change compared to other Tilt SCS. The Rigid SCS has internal cutouts to save weight. This, along with its integrated dust cover and clamping power, makes this SCS our most innovative design to date. The Stage 3 Rigid SCS is a SCS compression system. The Tilt Rigid SCS is a full size SCS because it is slightly larger than a baby SCS but provides maximum clamping power. The Stage 3 Rigid SCS only works with SCS bars without a slit. While SCS compression is more expensive than other compression systems, it is the most effective compression system you can put on a pro scooter. The Tilt Rigid SCS includes a shim and works with both oversized and standard outer diameter Pro Scooter Bars without a slit. The Tilt Stage III SCS includes M8 bolts for maximum clamping power. M8 bolts are much less likely to strip than M6 bolts. It is a good practice with any compression bolt to tighten each bolt 1/2 turn at a time, one bolt at a time, until all bolts are completely tight. The Stage 3 Rigid SCS works with the SCS compression ONLY. 


Tilt Stage III Rigid SCS Clamp Specifications


  1. Designed to accommodate the larger bars that are becoming popular in the industry today.
  2. fits standard OR oversized outer diameter bars with NO SLIT only
  3. 6061-T6 Aluminum
  4. 3.6"; raises bars 1.5 inches
  5. weighs in at just 8.9 ounces
  6. Available colors: BLACK, SILVER

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