Ethic Lindworm v4 Deck - 6.3" Wide

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Introducing the Ethic Lindworm v4 Deck - 6.3" wide! This upgraded version of the Lindworm Deck is wider, lighter, and stronger than the last. The V4 deck comes with square dropouts that are similar to the Vulcain deck, helping to improve the strength and lifespan of the back dropouts. The front of the deck has been redesigned with grooves in the blunt plate to lock into crook grinds easier and will also help with nose blunts. The bottom of the deck features Ethic's dual grind rail system which produces less friction, allowing for smoother grinds. The 6.3" wide Lindworm v4 is available in two sizes; 5.9" and 6.3", so there's a size for everyone. The new Lindworm V4 deck is also capable of fitting 12 STD and 24mm wide 8 STD wheels, and comes with all the hardware you need to run both options. Get your hands on the latest version of the Ethic Lindworm v4 6.3" Deck and take your scoot game to the next level!

Ethic Lindworm v4 Deck - 6.3" Wide Specifications:

  • Weight: 22": 4.70 lbs
    23.5": 4.80 lbs
  • Length: 22", 23.5"
  • Width: 6.3"
  • Foot Space: 22": 15"
    23.5": 16.5"
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Headtube Angle: 83.5
  • Axle Size Compatibility: M8 and 12 STD
  • Wheel Diameter Compatibility: Up to 125mm
  • Wheel Width Compatibility: up to 30mm, or 12 STD
  • Peg Compatibility: Front: yes, Back: no
  • 12 STD Compatibility: Yes
  • Grip Tape Included: No
  • Hardware/Brake Included:  Brake, 8 STD axle and 12 STD axle, conversion spacers (12 STD -> M8), and 12 STD spacers are included

Customer Reviews

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Took its time to get here but already loving the deck thanks to alpha I could finally get it in Australia and thankyou for the free wax and other stuff 💯💯



Mischa Sumner

Thank you! I love it. I would recommend this for street.