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The Oil Slick Envy Union Bar V2 is one of the most preferred bars in the scooter game and can be found on professional scooter rider setups across the world. With its light weight, strength, and stylish look, the Envy Union Bar V2 is the perfect upgrade for any scooter rider looking to keep their scooter lightweight and durable. This bar stands tall at 25.6" high by 23" wide and comes with a slit for IHC compression, or you can remove the slit to make it SCS compatible or make them SCS by installing the Envy SCS Bar Adapter. The Oil Slick finish adds a stylish touch to any scooter setup, so you can be sure to look your best while riding. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the Envy Union Bar V2 in Oil Slick makes a great addition for riders looking to customize and upgrade their pro scooter.

Aluminium bars are typically "oversized" on the exterior and "standard" on the interior, so an oversized clamp or full SCS Compression (shim out and no slit or SCS Bar Adapter installed) is needed. These bars are not compatible with HiC Compression.

Oil Slick Envy Union V2 Bar Specifications:

Weight: 1.95 lbs.

Width: 23"

Height: 25.75"

Material: Aluminum

Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized

Inner Bar Diameter: Standard

Stock Compression compatibility: IHC

Stock Slit: Yes (1.5")

Shape/Profile: Y shape

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Reilly J



Hi. Its good. Bye.

Jason Henning

Works great

Samera Mackie

So light and sick color. best of the best wheels


YES my number one favorite bars.