Envy Union Bar V2 - Black

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Envy Union Bars have become a top choice for park scooter riders around the world. At Alpha Pro Scooters, we’ve seen their popularity firsthand, as they’re often featured on professional rider setups. What makes them so appealing? They’re light, durable, and make any set up look like a custom pro scooter! In addition to how great they look, they allow riders to keep their scooter on the lighter side. Measuring 25.6" high by 23" wide, these bars come with a slit for IHC compression though this can be removed for SCS compatibility by installing an Envy SCS Bar Adapter or by cutting the slit off. In conclusion, Envy Union Bars are a smart upgrade for park scooter riders looking to hit the ramps.

keep in mind, aluminum bars are "oversized" on the outside and "standard" on the inside so you will need an oversized clamp or full SCS Compression (shim out and no slit) to run these bars. Finally, these bars will not work at all with HiC Compression. 

Black Envy Union Bars V2 Specifications: 

Weight: 1.95 lbs.

Width: 23"

Height: 25.75"

Material: Aluminum

Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized

Inner Bar Diameter: Standard

Stock Compression compatibility: IHC

Stock Slit: Yes (1.5")

Shape/Profile: Y shape

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I purchased the Envy Union Bar for my nephew’s birthday. He wanted a custom scooter so we each got him a part or two. The bars were at the top of his list and he is very happy with them. I will shop here again.