Hella Grip Classic Logo Grip Tape

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Introducing the Hella Grip Classic Logo Griptape. This high-quality grip tape is perfect for all scooter decks and features the classic Hella Grip logo. The grip tape is easy to trim to fit any size deck and provides superior traction and grip. The grip tape is made from a good grit formula that won't wear out your shoes. Also, it features a high-strength, waterproof, and tear-proof PVC liner.

The aggressive adhesive won't degrade in any conditions, hot or cold. Plus, unlike other grip tapes, the Hella Grip Classic Logo Griptape does not use the substandard Aluminum Oxide alternative. If you have ever tried to re-grip a scooter deck that has been sitting for a long time, you know how hard it can usually be. Hella Grip is the exception! 

Hella grip is easy to remove even if it has been sitting for years. If you're looking for a grip tape you can trust, look no further than Hella Grip! Additionally, it's now available in a wider 7" x 24" size. Get your hands on the Hella Grip Classic Logo Griptape today, and never worry about slipping off your scooter again!

Hella Grip Classic Logo Griptape Specifications:

  • Tear-Proof: Yes
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 7" x 24"

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What do I think? I think YES! I am happy and would recommend it.


This grip tape is so grippy and high quality.