Hella Grip Sloth Dot Rainbow Grip Tape

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Hella Grip Sloth Dot Rainbow Grip Tape is the perfect way to add a burst of color and fun to your whip. Hella Grip designed this grip tape to celebrate that magical moment when the doom and gloom go away and the sun and fun come out. Fitting to size deck is a breeze with this grip tape since it is tear-proof. Plus, it provides superior traction and grip.

The guys at Hella Grip also combined a bunch of colorways into a single sheet. They ended up creating the perfect grip tape to show off your style. The Sloth Dot Rainbow Grip Tape is printed on white sheets (Formula-W) of grip tape. They have a similar texture to the classic Formula-C sheets. With its superior grip and rainbow of colors, Hella Grip Sloth Dot Rainbow Grip Tape will make your scooter look and perform like never before!

  • Premium Quality Grit Formula-W
  • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
  • Consistent High Slip Resistance and Durability
  • Easy Trimming Without Tearing
  • Sheet Measures 24" x 6"


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