Hiboy MAX PRO Solid Tires

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The Hiboy MAX PRO Solid Tires are specifically for eliminating the issue of flat tires that are commonly associated with this electric scooter model. Its solid rubber, tubeless design provides a reliable and uninterrupted ride without the need for frequent tire or tube changes.t tire or tube changes. These solid tubeless tires last much longer than the stock Hiboy MAX PRO tires.

This solid tire has been our go-to for customers experiencing flat tires on the hiboy max pro scooter. We have personally installed a high number of these tires and are positive they fit. Keep in mind, when upgrading to any "Solid tire" it is not inflated so it will have a different look than the original air filled tires.

  • Compatibility:  Hiboy MAX PRO Electric Scooter. We have installed these numerous times on the HIBOY MAX PRO 
  • Solid Rubber: Long lasting quality rubber
  • Order Options: Single Solid Tire or Pair, both with or without Installation special installation screws and instructions written by our lead technician.
  • Easy Installation Kit: Take the installation process from hard to very easy with this proprietary kit assembled by our lead technician. Highly recommended. Night and day difference in install difficulty.

Notes: Solid tires will have a lower profile due to them not being filled with air. These solid tire for the HIBOY MAX PRO fit about one inch smaller than the original "air filled" tires.

Ships from California USA

We do not offer returns on Electric Scooter Parts so please double check the model it is intended for, in this case - Hiboy MAX PRO

Please call our shop during store hours if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

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Farooq Usman
Excellent Customer Service

Terran assisting in sending the additional screws to use this product. They were so very helpful. You must buy at least one of the screw sets otherwise you will be contacting customer service for assistance like me.

Tanya Johnson
Amazing Tires!

Absolutely love these tires on my scooter. I don’t have to worry about getting flats on my way to work anymore. It’s been awesome! Love this product and have recommended to so many people now in the scooter world.