Proto Chema Signature Baby SlaYer Bar

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The PROTO Baby Slayers are back! After a much-anticipated wait, the Baby brother of the freestyle scooter handlebar that made its mark is now available again after more than 4 years! PROTO has returned the design to its Classic roots with the smooth, clean gussets TIG welded out of 4130 Chromoly and manufactured in San Diego, California, USA.

This 2-tone colorway was created by Chema Cardenas himself!
The Proto Baby Slayer Chema Cardenas bars are a pro scooter bar that Proto created for Chema Cardenas, who shreds for Proto scooters. Proto Baby Slayer Chema Cardenas bars are 28.5" tall by 24" wide. Chema Baby Slayers are designed for riders who are either very tall or experienced pros. On the other hand, the Pro scooter bar height is up to your preference.

Proto's Y-Bar is designed for Street riding, with the choice of bar material depending on your riding style: aluminum, steel, or titanium. Steel scooter bars are famous for street riders due to their durability. Welds on steel bars are much more robust than those on aluminum bars and usually come with a 90-day warranty compared to the standard 30-day warranty on an aluminum bar.

The Baby Slayers Scooter Bars are an ideal choice for a lasting bar. Compression plays an important role in choosing the right pro scooter bar. The Baby Slayers Chema Cardenas bars are SCS-compatible without a slit. If you are looking for the ultimate Street bar, the Baby Slayers Scooter Bars are the ones for you!

Proto Chema Signature Baby SlaYer Bar Specifications:

  1. Weight: 3.15 lbs
  2. Width: 24"
  3. Height: 28"
  4. Material: Steel
  5. Outer Bar Diameter: Standard
  6. Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  7. Stock Compression compatibility: SCS
  8. Stock Slit: No
  9. Riding Style: Street
  10. Available colors: BLACK/TEAL

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