PROTO Slider Wheels

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Experience the PROTO Slider Wheels, some of the best-selling wheels in the game! Sliders have been a staple for years due to their smooth ride and durable rubber, hand-poured in California. Faster, smoother, and more durable than ever, Sliders are formulated for high impact and responsiveness. Plus, BUFF Core Technology helps absorb impact, reduce dehubbing, and create a smooth ride.

They designed the Sliders with a harder PU material than the Proto Gripper Wheels, making them faster and more durable. Proto Slider wheels have a core and PU width of 24mm, making them fit most pro scooter forks and decks. These Sliders are perfect for all riders. Finally, they have a 110mm outer diameter, the standard diameter for most pro scooter wheels.

Also, Sliders have bearing removal slots for easy replacement and are pre-installed with PROTO Murders bearings. Sliders are a popular choice for park and street riders. They come with a limited 90-day warranty against chunking and dehubbing. So, the PROTO Slider Wheels are the perfect choice for any rider looking for a reliable and responsive ride. Get yours today!

Proto Slider Wheels Specifications:

  1. Size: 110mm
  2. Core Width: 24mm
  3. Urethane Width: 24mm
  4. Core Material: Aluminum
  5. Urethane Rating: Not Rated
  6. Bearings included: Yes Proto Murders Bearings
  7. Sold as: Pairs
  8. Available colors: Black, Raw

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