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Root Industries Invictus  Pro Scooter 

The Root Industries Invictus Pro Scooter is a great balance of affordability and quality. The Invictus complete is a perfect fit for riders looking to progress quickly in the sport.The quality of riding provided by the Invictus complete by Root Industries is normally reserved for higher-priced complete scooters.

The lightweight bars, and the whipping ability of the frictionless ultra-smooth headset, and you have a scooter that will help you progress so fast in the sport, it’s almost like cheating! Root Industries has packed more features onto this complete scooter than most brands can even claim to have in their aftermarket arsenal, including:

Root Invictus Wheels:

Root Industries creates some of the most popular pro scooter wheels in the industry. The ultra-wide Invictus AIR wheels add to the stability of the scooter. The 30mm wheels on the Invictus complete making progression and carving a lot easier for the rider. Combine that with the unrivaled speed gained from ABEC-11 bearings.

Root Industries Invictus Deck:

The Invictus deck achieves is perfectly balanced and designed to maximize foot space while remaining compact. Land more tricks with the large foot-space, perfectly engineered drop-outs, flat sides, and a hydroformed 82.5 degree lofted headtube. These features give Invictus deck the edge over almost any other deck.

Root Invictus Bars:

The best feature on the Invictus complete scooter is the introduction to the sport of the Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA) handlebars. Think Root Industries Invictus Titanium Bars. These bars are as light as aluminium, but almost 50% stronger. You would expect to find these bars on a high-end custom scooter, but somehow Root Industries has managed to include them on this complete without the high cost associated with titanium bars. 

 In conclusion, the Invictus complete is available in a number of attractive colorways such as Rocket Fuel, Gold Rush, and more. The Invictus will not only outperform your current whip, but it will turn heads like no other freestyle scooter in this price range.

Main Features:

  • 110mm x 30mm AIR Wheels

  • Famously-fast ABEC-11 bearings

  • HMA “HI-Modulus Alloy” Aluminum handlebars - 24” x 23” (610mm x 580mm)

  • IHC Compression

  • All new super-soft and durable R2 Grips

  • Super-smooth AIR Headset (the smoothest headset on the market)

  • Hyrdo-formed headtube and extruded Invictus Deck - 4.8” x 19.7” (123mm x 500mm); 82.5 degree headtube angle; 2mm concave

  • Forged Invictus forks

  • High-quality nylon brake

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Khalid Meyers

I got this when it went on sale because it usually costs a lot more. I love this complete