UrbanArtt Sprawl Max Peters Deck

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The UrbanArtt Sprawl Max Peters Deck has finally arrived, and it's been designed to be as versatile as Max Peters' own riding style. With 4 sizes available, this deck is perfect for anyone regardless of their riding style.

The Sprawl Deck comes in 5.5" or 6" width and 21", 22", or 23" long, with an 83-degree headtube angle which is perfect for single and multiple tail whips. The boxed ends make it an ideal choice for street and park riding.

The UrbanArtt Sprawl Max Peters Deck features integrated wheel spacers and bolt thread, making it easy to swap out wheels. The deck also has rear dropouts that rotate, ensuring even wear and tear, similar to car tires. To make the deck even more versatile, it comes with a brake and a fender.

This pro scooter deck is laser-etched with a graphic that showcases Max Peters' passions and priorities. From his son Asher to his love for gaming, photography, filming, and editing, these are the things that inspire him and make him the rider he is.

The UrbanArtt Sprawl Max Peters Deck is compatible with wheel diameters and widths from 100mm to 125mm and 24mm to 30mm, respectively. Do note that the deck comes standard with 24mm spacers. So, if you're changing the wheel core width, you'll also need to swap out the spacers.

Overall, the UrbanArtt Sprawl Max Peters Deck is an excellent choice for intermediate to pro-level riders looking for a versatile, durable deck packed with features designed to enhance their riding experience.

UrbanArtt Sprawl Max Peters Deck Specifications

    1. Shortened and stronger boxed head tube 83 degrees
    2. Responsive full flat bottom.
    3. 48mm Length, 22mm diameter.
    4. Feel connected to the rail with a lower profile full flat bottom.
    5. Lower deck extrusion reduces weight and gives the deck a super-responsive feel.
    6. 24-30mm wide and up to 125mm wheel compatibility.
    7. CNC machined perfectly for a flush fit of the round dropouts.
    8. Thicker inner walls with concave.
    9. Comes with a full brake and mini fender. You decide!
    10. Aluminium 6061-T6.
    11. Proprietary Lock design prevents the sleeve from spinning, so clean with fully integrated wheel spacers and bolt thread.
    12. Weight 3.73lb (5.5 x 21), 3.83lb (5.5 x 22), 4.08lb (6 x 22), 4.2lb (6 x 23)
    13. Available colors: BLACK, RAW.

    Customer Reviews

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    Does not fit 24mm wide wheels

    Deck looks nice and feels sturdy but dropouts do not accommodate for 24mm wheels, and real width sits at like 5.7inch wide for the 6x23


    didn’t come with the extra dropouts for bigger wheels