Best Pro Scooter Bars For Beginners and Pros

Best Pro Scooter Bars For Beginners and Pros

When customizing a pro scooter, the handlebars play a critical role in determining the overall feel and performance of the whole scooter ride. With a broad range of styles, materials, and sizes, pro scooter bars have come a long way since the sport's early days. While personal preference often plays a significant role in selecting pro scooter bars, the right balance of strength, weight, style, and affordability is crucial. In this blog, we will look at the best pro scooter bars available today, highlighting their unique features and what sets them apart from the rest. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, this guide will provide the insights you need to make an informed decision and take your pro scooter riding to the next level.

What is a scooter bar?

Pro scooter handlebars are critical components of your entire scooter as they play a crucial role in executing tricks. They are the part that you tightly grip and lean into when landing tricks. For this reason, it's vital to ensure that your handlebars are sturdy and can withstand the immense force exerted on them, particularly during hard landings. However, strength isn't the only essential quality; other crucial factors must be considered.

Achieving a balance between the handlebars and the overall weight of your scooter is crucial. Light handlebars can result in an unbalanced feel for the entire scooter unless the other parts are of equal weight. Conversely, heavy handlebars paired with a light deck can cause your whole scooter front to become front-heavy and unbalanced.

Several pro scooter handlebars, such as the Tilt Sentry bars, have built-in "backsweep." These bars are mostly suitable for performing street-style scooter tricks as they provide a more vertical and relaxed riding position. However, backsweep may make bar-focused tricks slightly more challenging to execute. Conversely, park riders usually prefer bars without back sweep as they require less total travel to perform aerial tricks, including a bri whip.

Types of scooter bars

Pro scooter bars come in four primary types; T-bars, Y-bars, and standard and oversized bars. T-bars are the most common type of bars, known for their simple and lightweight design, making them ideal for street riders. Y-bars, on the other hand, have two extensions above the stem which add extra control, making them popular with advanced riders. Standard bars are usually lighter and compatible with more scooter setups. Lastly, oversized bars feature thicker tubing and provide more resistance to bending, making them long-lasting and ideal for riders who frequently practice high-impact tricks. Each type of best scooter bar also has different advantages, and selecting the right one often comes down to personal preference, riding style, or experience level.

Y Bar

A Y bar is a regular handlebar with a slight angle, akin to the crown of the letter Y. This type of handlebar typically features additional supports called gussets, which connect the top and base of the bar. This is necessary because most Y bars are crafted using aluminum, which is susceptible to bending.

Certain brands produce Y bars using stronger materials such as steel or titanium. These materials do not require additional gusset support. Sometimes, people refer to these bars as "bend bars." This shape falls under the Y bar category but is structured like a T with a bend in the middle.

T Bars

The T bar is usually the first handlebar that comes to mind for most people when they think of scooters. The name is self-explanatory as the bars are shaped like a letter T. These bars require steel or titanium material to be highly durable.

Extra support in gussets or a thicker wall near the welds is necessary when aluminum is used to prevent damage and bending. Some brands use this support structure to decrease weight with thin-walled steel bars.

T bars are better suited to tricks that require ample space to grip without worrying about a bend in the bar, such as bar twists. They generally do not have an angle or back sweep, placing the rider in a more aggressive stance and making it easier to execute various stunts.

Oversized Bars

Oversized bars feature a total diameter of 34.9mm. Still, the inner diameter varies based on whether the bars are intended for IHC or HIC. It's essential to recognize that only aluminum bars are available in an oversized version due to the thick walls needed for support.

IHC is a compression system that needs a thinner fork and requires the inner diameter of your bars to be 28mm.

HIC is a compression system that needs a thicker fork and requires the inner diameter of your bars to be 32mm.

SCS is a compression system in which the bars are not fixed to the fork. Consequently, the inner diameter of the bars is irrelevant as long as they fit within your clamp. With oversized bars, using an oversized clamp is necessary, but you need not be concerned about a clamp shim.

Standard Bars

Standard bars have an outer diameter of 32mm and an inner diameter of 28mm. These bars are tailored for either IHC or SCS compression systems. It's important to note that standard-size aluminum bars are unavailable as they require a thicker wall, decreasing the inner diameter.

Standard bars are restricted to a 28mm inner diameter, necessitating running them with IHC if they include a slit or SCS if they do not have a slit.

If your SCS clamp is oversized, shims are provided (typically included) that enable you to use standard-size bars.

SCS is Standard Compression System

It is recommended that pro scooter bars should not feature a slit while using SCS. If your bars do have a slit and you plan on using SCS, installing a scs bar adapter will be necessary to cancel the slit.

When it comes to riding SCS, you have the option to choose between standard or oversized handlebars. The determining factor is solely based on whether your clamp fits the size you desire to use. If you prefer oversized handlebars, you can still use a standard-sized clamp with a shim that usually comes with oversized SCS clamps.

Bars lacking slits tend to be stronger and less prone to fracture at the bottom.

 IHC is Internal/Inverted Compression System

As previously mentioned, for IHC compatibility, pro scooter bars must feature a slit for running the mechanism. Additionally, the inner diameter of the bars must measure 28mm.

Bars designed with a slit tend to have smaller bars, a weaker foundation, and a higher likelihood of cracking. We suggest avoiding adding a slit to your bars altogether, as this action would nullify any warranties. Instead, your best option is locating bars already manufactured with a slit.

HIC is Hidden Internal Compression

As previously mentioned, pro scooter bars must have a slit to accommodate HIC. Additionally, HIC necessitates that the scooter bars have an inner diameter measuring 32mm.

Bars that feature a cut tend to have reduced strength and are prone to cracking at their base. We suggest avoiding adding a slit to your bars, as it will render all warranties null and void. Instead, opt for bars that are already pre-manufactured with a cut.

Best Scooter Bars 2023

Best T-Bar No Slit | SCS | Proto Retro V3 T-Bar for tall riders

Best T-Bar No Slit | SCS | Proto Retro V3 T-Bar

The PROTO Retro V3 T-Bar is a top-of-the-line handlebar option with an impressive 30.5" tall and 24" wide, a flat black powder coat, and a laser-cut PROTO logo. Compared to the V2, its larger size allows for a wider stance while riding, making it ideal for street riders who need stability while performing tricks. The thicker 4130 Chromoly tubing for the crossbar and steering column enhances strength. Additionally, this bar is compatible with SCS compression right out of the box. It has a 90-day warranty, making it a reliable and durable option. Trust the PROTO Retro V3 T-Bar to handle any tricks you throw in the streets.

Buy Proto Retro V3 T-Bar

Best Y Bar No Slit | SCS | TiLT Sentry Bars

Best Y Bar No Slit | SCS | TiLT Sentry Bars

The Tilt Sentry Bars have gained worldwide recognition as iconic scooter handlebars commonly used by park and street riders. These bars are available in black, chrome, or raw finish. They are designed with back-sweep and upsweep features to provide maximum comfort when using large bars. The 3D-formed steer tube boasts the TILT logo, giving the bars an appealing aesthetic and reducing the likelihood of knee and chin collisions. Thanks to the heat treatment process, these bars are incredibly strong, making them one of the finest pro scooter handlebars on the market. The Sentry Bars are backed by a lifetime warranty against bends and cracks, making them a rider's ultimate dream come true.

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Affordable T Bar No Slit | SCS | Urbanartt Civic Bars

Affordable T Bar No Slit | SCS | Urbanartt Civic Bars

The UrbanArtt Civic T bar is a durable option for the modern street rider. With 28" height and 24" width, it is built to last, thanks to butted tubing and heat-treated chromoly. This T-bar is an excellent choice for riders looking for a durable option. Street riders often choose steel scooter bars for their added durability, as they have stronger welds than aluminum bars. Steel bars also usually come with a longer warranty period, often up to 90 days. With the Civic T bar, UrbanArtt has created a great combination of strength and durability that will help you keep pushing your limits.

Buy UrbanArtt Civic Bars

Affordable Y Bar No Slit | SCS | Raw Vegas Bars V5

Affordable Y Bar No Slit | SCS | Raw Vegas Bars V5

Handmade in France, this bar is renowned for its exceptional strength. It comes in an oversized design without a slit, making it perfect for those who prefer SCS, but it can easily be converted to HIC with a slit. The bar features a butted construction, making it significantly lighter than other bars available in the market. It also includes a branded vinyl sticker that can be removed for a sleeker, more professional look.

Buy Raw Vegas Bars V5

Best T Bar with Slit | IHC | Ethic Trianon T-Bar

Best T Bar with Slit | IHC | Ethic Trianon T-Bar

The Ethic Trianon T-bar was their first of this shape, revolutionizing the industry. It is among the world's lightest bars and the first ICS chromo bar with a star-welded design. Although it is ICS, it is still compatible with other compression systems, such as SCS with an adapter and IHC. The Trianon bar is designed to be strong and simple, making it an excellent choice for riders who value durability and simplicity.

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Affordable T Bar with Slit | IHC | Ethic Trianon

Affordable T Bar with Slit | IHC | Ethic Trianon 

The Ethic Trianon bar wins again! The Ethic Trianon T-bar is priced under $60 and is the most affordable option for ihc. The Trianon T-bar brought a revolutionary change to the industry. It is the world's first ICS chromo bar, featuring a star-welded design. Despite its ICS compatibility, it can also work with other compression systems, such as SCS, with the aid of an adapter and IHC. The Trianon bar is crafted to be robust yet straightforward, making it an ideal option for riders who prioritize longevity and straightforwardness.


Best Y Bar with Slit | IHC | Envy Reaper V3 Bar

Best Y Bar with Slit | IHC | Envy Reaper V3 Bar

The Reaper Bars V3 from Envy are among the most lightweight professional scooter bars available. With a thick and durable wall, these bars weigh approximately 30% less than chromoly steel bars, making them ideal for any park rider using IHC. The Reaper Bars V3 have been tested by several professional riders, and they have proved to be highly durable and high-performing. These bars are the most widely used aluminum aluminum scooter bars globally, thanks to their impressive quality, durability, reputation, and reasonable prices.

At Alpha Pro Scooters, we absolutely adore these aluminum bars. The wall of these bars is 3.1mm thick, and the aesthetic is simply stunning. If you want to witness the Envy Reaper Bars V3 in action, look no further than the pro scooters riders such as Jon Reyes, Will Scott, and Flavio Pesenti. Moreover, it is essential to remember that these bars are quite tall and fall among the tallest IHC bars. Therefore, trim them down to size by a pro or scooter parts technician with ample experience in this domain. Luckily, aluminum is a relatively easy material to cut through, and you can get it done without any trouble at your local scooter shop.

Buy Envy Reaper V3 Bar

Affordable Y Bar with Slit | IHC | Ethic Dynasty V2 Bar

Affordable Y Bar with Slit | IHC | Ethic Dynasty V2 Bar

The Ethic Dynasty V2 bar is a game-changer that offers the ultimate combination of strength, style, and value. It comes in four eye-catching colors and is compatible with multiple compression systems, making it a must-have for serious pro riders. Made with gussets for more reinforcement and a heat-treated top tube for extra strength, the Dynasty V2 bar is a high-end product that is affordable for all. With four available sizes, this bar suits riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. Designed with simplicity and reliability, the Ethic Dynasty V2 bar is the perfect addition to your scooter setup.

Buy Ethic Dynasty V2 Bars


Best Y Bar with slit | HIC | Root Industries RP Titanium Bar

Best Y Bar with slit | HIC | Root Industries RP Titanium Bar

In the early days of freestyle scootering, customization options were limited, and the sport had only a few enthusiasts. However, this sport has had significant innovations, including T-shaped handlebars. Root Industries has recently introduced its newest product, the Titanium Ti bar, the lightest bar they have ever produced. Despite its lightweight construction, these handlebars are both solid and stylish. They are perfect for riders who prefer to tackle different terrains, such as parks or streets. With durability and style, the Titanium Ti bar is an incredible product that every rider and scooter industry should consider.

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Affordable Y Bar with Slit | HIC | Drone Bar Shadow 2

Affordable Y Bar with Slit | HIC | Drone Bar Shadow 2

These bars are extracted from the Icon 1 complete scooter and offer a perfect combination of style, affordability, and lightweight. They are designed to meet the needs of today's riders and have been tested by some of the top European riders. With a focus on performance, these bars are an excellent choice for any rider looking for quality bars at an affordable and reasonable price-point.

Buy Drone Shadow 2 Bar