Best Pro Scooter Decks For Pros and Amateurs

Best Pro Scooter Decks For Pros and Amateurs

If you are looking for the best pro scooter deck for amateurs and pros, you have come to the right place! Knowing what to look for in a quality scooter deck can be challenging with so many options. This blog will cover the features you should look for when selecting the best pro scooter deck for your needs, from size and weight to construction materials and design. Whether you are just getting into the sport or a seasoned professional shredder, we are here to help you find the perfect scooter deck that fits your needs and style.

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What is a scooter deck?

A scooter deck is a platform on the bottom of a scooter that a rider stands on. It is usually made of metal and has grip tape on top, which helps the rider keep their feet in place. There are many different styles of scooter decks, each with advantages and disadvantages. Generally, heavier decks are better for smoother rides, while lighter decks are better for doing tricks and freestyle riding. Professional and amateur riders use non-adjustable, non-foldable scooter decks for tricks and grinding, as they provide more stability.

Types of scooter decks

 Many different types of scooter decks are available, depending on what you plan to do with them. For those who want a more comfortable ride, larger decks are the way to go. They provide more stability and support for taller people. Wide scooter decks are well known for the balance they provide riders who love to grind. On the other hand, those looking to do tricks and stunts may find smaller, lighter decks more suitable. These decks are more agile and easier to maneuver, making them perfect for those who want to experiment with tricks in skateparks and catch big air. No matter what type of scooter deck you choose, getting the right size and weight for your riding style is essential.


 Scooter decks come in various lengths to accommodate different riders and riding styles. The most common sizes range from 19" to 22", measured from one end of the flat side of the scooter to the other, excluding the blunt plate area. If you're looking for a slightly longer deck, you can get aftermarket decks that range from 19.5" to 24". " No matter what size you choose, it's essential to ensure it's suitable to your size, skill level, and riding style.

Shorter decks are great for tail whips as they whip around quicker and easier. Longer decks take longer to whip around. However, they provide more foot space, helping riders land more tricks. 


 The width of a pro scooter deck is an essential factor when it comes to choosing the right scooter for your needs. Standard widths for pro scooter decks are typically 4" to 5", although aftermarket decks can be found with widths from 4.5" to 7". The width of the deck determines the amount of foot space, stability, and maneuverability. Having the correct deck width can make all the difference in your performance, so it is crucial to pick the right width for your needs. More narrow decks are generally lighter, while others, like the Aztek Europa 7" wide deck, provide ultimate balance.


 Park scooter companies design lightweight decks so riders can easily maneuver and control them. Like the Ethic Pandemonium Deck, most riders look for small, light decks that still provide strength and stability. High-end park scooter decks are usually made from solid and lightweight materials such as aluminum and feature an agile and responsive design. These decks provide riders with the perfect balance of durability, performance, and weight.


 A Street Pro scooter deck is ideal for riders looking for a more stable and wider platform to perform their tricks. These scooters offer more foot support and stability while pushing and grinding and are typically heavier and stronger than other scooter decks. The wider deck helps lock in grinds and provides more support, while the heavier and sturdier construction ensures it can take the punishment of the street. However, riders should know that a wider deck may make it hard to carve bowls, as the sides may scrape.

2023 Best Pro Scooter Decks

Best overall scooter deck | Native Advent Refined Deck

Best overall scooter deck | Native Advent Refined

The Refined Advent from Native is the perfect deck for riders of all styles and sizes. This updated version of the popular Advent deck features a much lighter weight, making it more responsive and easier to maneuver. The larger blunt and crook grind space and the mellow channel in the middle provide more control and less friction with grinds. Additionally, the Refined Advent can fit 12 STD, 30mm, 28mm, 26mm, and 24mm wide wheels, making it one of the most accommodating decks on the market. Whether an amateur or a pro rider, the Refined Advent provides all the features needed for a great riding session.

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 Best scooter 7" deck for street | Aztek Europa Deck

Best scooter 7” deck for street | Aztek Europa Deck

The Europa Deck is the largest at 7" wide and has a revolutionary grinding surface and inner steel pegs. The top of the deck has concave allowing riders' feet to sit in it more for a locked-in feel. Its convex bottom adds a new dimension to boardslide and lipslides. Not only that, but its dynamic design offers an unparalleled experience. 

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Best scooter 6.5" deck for street | Aztek 666 Deck

Best scooter 6.5” deck for street | Aztek 666 Deck

We know what you're thinking, the 666 deck isn't 6.5" wide. It gets its name from its 6.66" width. The fact that we listed it here should tell you how good it is. Experience maximum control, stability, and lightness with one of the largest pro scooter decks ever. The hardened enamel translucent black clearcoat slides quickly, and the color changes depending on the viewing angle. Once you ride this deck, you won't want to return to a smaller one. With its weight, why would you?

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Best scooter 6.25" deck for street | Ethic DTC Deck Lindworm V4

Best scooter 6.25” deck for street | Ethic DTC Deck Lindworm V4

The newest Lindworm V4 features square dropouts for improved strength and lifespan and a redesigned blunt plate with grooves for easier crook grinds and nose blunts. It has the same dual grind rail system as before, meaning reduced friction and smoother grinds. The Lindworm is available in two widths, 5.9" and 6.3", and comes with all the necessary hardware to fit 12 STD and 24mm wide 8 STD wheels.

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Best scooter 6" deck for street | Aztek Siren Deck

Best scooter 6” deck for street | Aztek Siren Deck

Yes, another Aztek deck, and for a good reason. With a price tag under $230, the Aztek Siren deck is an affordable upgrade. With a 6" wide deck, the Aztek team prefers this design for maximum grinding options. The rounded square dropouts with GFR nylon inserts allow for long-lasting 5-0s, while the smooth, flat bottom provides ease in sliding rails and ledges. An adjustable brake allows for wheels up to 30mm x 120mm.

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Best hybrid 5.75" scooter deck | Havoc Hoss Deck

Best hybrid 5.75” scooter deck | Havoc Hoss Deck

The Hoss Deck is the perfect deck for street riders looking for a lightweight, durable option that they can count on when shredding the streets or the park. Weighing in at just 4 lbs, it features an aluminum fender and aluminum dropouts for maximum durability no matter what you're grinding. With its sleek design and reliable construction, the Hoss Deck is a must-have for any street-riding enthusiast, and it is incredible in skateparks too.

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Best hybrid 5.5" scooter deck | Ethic Pandora Deck

Best hybrid 5.5" scooter deck | Ethic Pandora

Pandora's latest innovation offers street riders an affordable, strong, and lightweight Ethic deck – the equivalent of the "Pandemonium" deck. Boasting the lightest boxed deck in its dimensions, this deck embodies the philosophy of offering a reliable and affordable option for street and park riders.

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Best hybrid 5.25" scooter deck | Native Stem Deck

Best hybrid 5.25" scooter park deck | Native stem deck large

The Native Stem Deck is the most innovative, and feature-packed Street Scooter Deck created for beginners. After rigorous testing, Native developed this range from the ground up for younger and smaller street riders, which we believe are essential for the future of NATIVE and Scootering. They are available in three sizes: 19.5 ", 20.5", and 22" - tall 5.25" wide.

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Best hybrid 5" scooter park deck | Aztek Hydra Deck

Best hybrid 5" scooter park deck | Aztek Hydra Deck Black Chrome

TDeck is the world's lightest crafted with patented hydroformed tubing. Its revolutionary design eliminates the weakest point, while a smooth contour evenly distributes stress along the entire length. The same comfy concave as our street decks ensures extra ergonomic and responsive performance. A must-have for any park rider wanting to take their tricks to the next level, the deck comes in two sizes - 19.5" and 20.5" - with a width of 5.25".

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Top affordable scooter park deck | Ethic Vulcain Deck

Top affordable scooter park deck | Ethic Vulcain Deck

The Ethic Vulcain Deck is a choice for riders who want an affordable upgrade. It is lightweight at 3.9 lbs and comes in two size variants (20.9" and 22") with a price tag of less than $150. Plus, it's also available in a boxed version! It excels in the streets and skateparks.

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Top affordable scooter street deck | Aztek Fountain Deck

Top affordable scooter street deck | Aztek Fountain Deck

The Fountain Deck is specially crafted for optimal grinding performance, featuring rounded dropouts and 6061 aluminum inserts for long-lasting 5-0s. Its flat and smooth bottom makes it easy to slide on any rail or ledge. Additionally, the adjustable brake enables the fitting of 24mm x 120mm wheels. At an affordable price of less than $100, this deck is undoubtedly the best option for a street scooter.

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Top affordable hybrid scooter deck | Drone Element Deck

Top affordable hybrid scooter deck | Drone Element Deck

 The Drone Element deck has two widths - 5" and 5.5". It is suitable for both park and street riders. It features a flat bottom, an 83.5-degree headtube angle, rounded drop-outs, and 8mm axles that fit 24mm wide wheels up to 120mm. The Element deck has boxed ends and is perfect for grinding, making it great for street riders. Its two-tone colorways give it a unique look, making it a great park deck. Overall it is perfect for Hybrid and Street scooter riders.

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Strongest scooter deck | North Horizon XL 7" Deck

Strongest scooter deck | North Horizon XL 7" wide deck

The Horizon XL 7.0 from North Scooters is the widest deck available, perfect for those with size 13 shoes, looking to 50-50 everything, or simply feeling adventurous. With its unique rounded edges and added material for strength, the Horizon XL 7.0 is lightweight yet strong. Get ready to take your riding experience to the next level!

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Lightest scooter deck | Aztek Hydra Deck

Lightest scooter deck in the world | Aztek Hydra Deck Black

The Hydra Deck is the lightest deck ever created from patented hydroformed tubing. Its revolutionary design eliminates the weakest point, resulting in a smooth contour that distributes stress evenly along the length of the deck. The same comfortable concave used in our street decks makes this deck extra ergonomic and responsive for park riders looking to take their tricks to the next level.

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Widest scooter deck | Aztek Europa Deck

Widest scooter deck in the world | Aztek Europa Deck

A three-way tie for the widest scooter deck available in the industry is held by the Tilt Flormula, Aztek Europa, and North Horizon XL - all at 7" Wide. Any of these decks will be great for street riders who love grinding. These decks provide the best balance and strength the industry has to offer. 

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Best dirt scooter deck | Envy ATS S2 Dirt Scooter

Are you looking for an all-terrain scooter that's lightweight and easy to maneuver? Look no further than the Envy ATS S2 Dirt Scooter! This scooter is perfect for riders of all heights and abilities - whether you're cruising around town or catching air on dirt jumps. This scoot comes with a free ultra-light Bull Bar made from high-density aluminum, making it one of the lightest options on the market at only 5.0kg/10.9 lbs. In addition, included with this complete package are free TPR Handgrips – perfect for keeping your hands comfortable while riding. Click here for an Envy ATS PRO S2 Dirt Scooter Overview.