How to find the perfect Pro Scooter for Skate parks?

How to find the perfect Pro Scooter for Skate parks?

Pro Scooters are your gateway to fun and excitement. These freestyle scooters are a great motivation to get both kids and adults to spend time outdoors. Over the years, Pro Scooters have received alterations and upgrades that allow users to perform intricate and jaw-dropping moves on these two-wheelers.
Pro Scooters are available in different shapes and sizes and various price ranges. The prices vary depending on the brand, the quality, and of course, the features installed in the scooter. It might be a tad bit confusing for a beginner to pick a suitable model since there are so many features to look at. 
We have made the job a little bit easy for you by creating a detailed buying guide below. It will tell you all you need to consider before purchasing a Pro Scooter for skate parks. 

The Scooter Deck

The deck is the central axis of a scooter; the rest of the body is constructed around the deck. For this reason, the deck is a vital part; and also most of the stand-up stunts are performed on this part of the Pro Scooter. Industry-standard decks are made from aircraft quality aluminum to ensure that it is lightweight and sturdy. Quality Pro Scooter models feature a deck with a head tube and a single-piece body. Some of them are available with preinstalled headsets, while some others come without one. 

Scooter Bars

Bars influence a scooter's aesthetics, and therefore they are available in all Root-invictus-afterburnner-blu-ray-barspossible styles, dimensions, and types.
Most of the bars are made from steel,although some of the models are fashioned from
aluminum. The industry standard diameter for scooters is at 1 ¼ inch, but you will see that most of the models have a diameter of 1 3/8 inches (a little oversized). Although the difference is very small, the dimensions will definitely affect your choice of forks and clamps.  

Scooter Fork

The fork is the part of a scooter that connects the deck, bars, and the front wheel,
meaning it is also as important as the deck. Since all these parts come in various styles, dimensions, weights, and strengths, you need to get professional help in picking them to avoid compatibility issues. Usually,a compression system connects the bars and the fork. The strongest forks are the thread-less forks which you will find in premium models. These types of forks allow better performance.  

Pro Scooter Headset

The headset facilitates the rotation of the fork tube inside the head tube so that riders can steer the scooter with ease. Therefore the quality of a headset determines the feel and comfort of your stunts and rides. The headset is further made up of several other smaller components such as bearings, fork race, and the corresponding top cap and bearing caps. All these parts ensure proper functionality. High-end models offer excellent performance and smooth operation because those use a sealed headset and a thread-less fork connected together through a compression system. Whether you are a novice or a professional, it is vital to choose a Pro Scooter that comes with an integrated headset, preinstalled bearings since assembling them on your own can be quite a piece of work, to say the least.

Pro Scooter Clamp

A clamp holds the bars together and makes sure that they rotate in unison. Envy-double-clampSome of the clamps available in the market include – Double, Triple, and Quadruple clamps. As the name suggests, each type differs based on the number of bolts featured on each of them.

The bolts secure the bars to the fork tube. There are several types of clamps available from different brands; depending on your performance level, you can choose a suitable design. For a Pro Scooter for skate parks, you need  durable clamps.  

Pro Scooter Wheels

Wheels also play a significant role in the aesthetics and feel of your Pro Scooter. Proto-plasmas-wheels-blackThe wheels are fashioned mostly from two components – Urethane and the core. The core designs and the Urethane compounds available in the market differ from each other to a large extent. This means you can create a one-of-a-kind feel and look by experimenting with a wide variety of options. The lesser-priced scooters feature plastic cores, but if you want wheels that can endure the rigors of Pro Scooter tricks, stunts and skate maneuvers, we recommend a metallic core. Wheel sizes range from 100mm to 125 mm, but you need to get a size that matches with the fork in use. The larger the wheel, the faster you can ride your scooter. Another point to consider while choosing wheels is that softer wheels offer better traction, while urethane wheels are best for fast riding.  

Pro Scooter Compression

As mentioned above, the Compression system plays a crucial role in maintaining a stable connection between the deck, bars, and the fork. If the connection between these parts is not stable, it can lead to damage in several parts of the scooter quickly. Hence a sound compression system is essential to create a reliable skate park Pro Scooter. Cheaper Pro Scooters for kids feature a threaded compression system which makes them less stable, non-durable and under-performing. This is why the Advanced Pro Scooter models use an Inverted Compression System, a Standard Compression System, or a Hidden Internal Compression System for better performance and stability. 

Pro Scooter Brake

Envy Nylon Brake
There are mainly two kinds of scooter brakes – Flex and Spring-loaded brakes.
 Pro Scooters often feature a flex brake usually fitted at the back of the deck through a bolt mechanism or using a screw. The flex brake type operates silently and is more effective. It is a piece of steel that hugs the back wheel while screwed to the deck. 
Pro Scooters can be ridden at skate parks or even on driveways where you can showoff some neat skills. This post has included all the necessary information that you need to help you purchase the best quality parts to assemble a great Pro Scooter for skate parks.