Electric Scooter Repair Services

Servicing and maintaining electronics and vehicles can be a hassle, which is why some riders rely on us to do it for them. We are proud to say we can fix any electric scooters. We are happy to provide electric scooter repair services to Fresno and surrounding areas. However, we don't have locations in all major cities, so if you want us to service your scooter, you'll need to bring it in to our store located in Clovis, Ca or ship it to us. You are welcome to send in your electric scooter for repair, Although shipping fees can be expensive due to its weight and battery components. We keep our labor fees as low as possible to make this an affordable option for you. Electric Scooter repair fees will be based on the type of repair your vehicle needs, brand and the model. Please reach out via email, live chat or phone (559-326-0682) for more information on having your electric vehicle tended to by our skilled technicians for any necessary repairs or replacements. 

How to Estimate Servicing Repair Cost

We are here to help you with repairing your scooter, and while scheduling an appointment is not mandatory, we recommend calling ahead of time before coming in. The repair and servicing process typically takes about 2-3 days, excluding the time it takes to acquire replacement parts, which may take longer for uncommon parts that need to be sourced. Our basic diagnostics has a non-refundable fee of $45+ depending on the brand and model. After we have determined the problem, we'll provide you with an estimate of parts needed and labor costs. You can then decide to proceed with the repair, buy only the necessary parts, or simply retrieve your electric vehicle. If you prefer to skip the diagnosis process, you may specify the type of repair required without incurring any diagnosis fees.

Repair Service Restrictions and Conditions

To ensure that we can provide optimal service to our entire customer base and maintain an organized servicing center, we have established the following restrictions and conditions.

  • When we've completed the service, we'll notify you that your electric scooter is ready for pickup. We ask that you arrange to collect it as soon as possible and pay for any products used and services provided.
  • As a courtesy, we allow our customers to leave their electric scooter with us for up to 30 days free of charge.
  • Should your electric scooter be left with us for over 30 days without being collected, a daily storage fee of $20 USD will apply from that point on.
  • In the event that your electric scooter remains unclaimed for over 45 days without any communication from you, Alpha Pro Scooters reserves the right to claim ownership of the electric vehicle.