Envy Union Bar - Polished

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Envy Union Bars have become one of the most popular bars in the scoot game and can be found scooters of professional riders all over the world. Also, Union bars look great and are a great option for riders looking to keep their scooter from being too heavy. Union bars come in at 25.6" high by 23" wide and have a slit for IHC compression. You will need to cancel the slit by cutting it off or installing an Envy SCS Bar Adapter  if you run SCS.The Envy SCS Bar Adapter will allow them to work with full size SCS clamps while keeping them max height. In conclusion, Envy Unions are a solid upgrade that every rider should try when it comes to bars.

These, aluminium bars are "oversized" on the outside and "standard" on the inside so you will need an oversized clamp or full SCS Compression (shim out and no slit) to run these bars. Finally, these bars will not work at all with HiC Compression. 

Envy Polished Union V2 Bar Specifications:

Weight: 1.95 lbs.

Width: 23"

Height: 25.75"

Material: Aluminum

Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized

Inner Bar Diameter: Standard

Stock Compression compatibility: IHC

Stock Slit: Yes (1.5")

Shape/Profile: Y shape

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