Scooter Maintenance

How Make Your Pro Scooter Dialed

Top-flight pro scooters can cost upwards of $100 each. It makes good sense to look after them so they last longer and we can have more fun. We should do this in any case for our safety’s sake and the interests of people around us. Thanks to the simplicity of the basic design, maintenance of scooters is a relatively easy task.

Under normal riding condition, we have three things to do. These are servicing the bearings regularly, replacing the grips and grip-tape from time to time, and checking the attachments are still tight.


Lubricating Scooter Bearings 

There are two bearings in each wheel, and two more in the headset so your bars can spin. These are usually only semi-sealed, meaning servicing them from time to time – say every few months depending on use and definitely before a competition. The first thing you have to do is dismantle the wheels and headset so you can access them.

Remove one bearing at a time and gently pry off one cover plate with a sharp blade. Shake the bearing in solvent in a container until you get it clean. Shake it dry, repack it with medium bearing grease and replace the cover plate. After you service all six, reassemble your scooter and take it for a test ride.

Replacing Scooter Grips

Pro scooter grips wear out with regular loose. They can also tear if you accidentally drop your scooter. Never get used to damage and accept it, because this could be dangerous! Make a habit of feeling for damage at the start of every ride. Grips are a tight fit and can weld slightly to the bar.

Oftentimes you simply twist them off. The easiest way to get them off is to cut it with a razor blade (We recommend an adults help with this) or you can use an air compressor.  Use an air compressor or spray a small amount of hairspray in the new ones before you twist them on. This works like glue and you may have to cut them off next time.

Tightening the Bolts that Come Loose

Even the best sports car returns to the dealer after a short while for inspection.  The same applies to pro scooters so check all attachments after you use your new scooter for the first time. Your focus points are nuts, bolts, hex heads, clamps, compression points, wheel axles, handgrips, and braking systems. Remember safety first: If your scooter starts wobbling or rattling, stop, inspect, and repair.  You can always call us or just bring it in for a tune up.