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10 Ah Replacement Battery for the TurboAnt X7 Max Electric Scooter.

Boost Your Ride: Premium Replacement Batteries for TurboAnt Electric Scooters

Experience uninterrupted adventures with our Authentic TurboAnt Replacement Batteries - the ultimate power choice for your trusted TurboAnt Electric Scooters. Our batteries ensure your scooter is always ready to go, combining top-tier performance with unmatched convenience.

Secure and Efficient: The X7's Innovative Battery Design

Equipped with a theft-deterrent feature, the TurboAnt team has cleverly designed the X7 Electric Scooter Battery to lock securely within the scooter's handlebar stem. Embrace peace of mind, knowing your power source is safe as you navigate the urban jungle.

Compatibility Meets Innovation: X7 Pro Electric Scooter Battery

The X7 Pro Replacement Battery is crafted for excellence and features a Blade Connector interface for seamless energy transfer. This battery is finely tuned to sync with X7 Pro E-Scooters purchased on or after May 1, 2021.

🔌 Important Connector Information for X7 Pro Owners:

If your purchase date precedes May 1, 2021, your X7 Pro may require a battery with a Round Connector. For such specific needs, please get in touch with us for personalized battery replacement service.

Attention X7 Pro and X7 Max Owners:

The X7 Pro and X7 Max E-Scooters shine with individual battery designs. Select the corresponding battery tailored to fit your scooter model, ensuring flawless performance.

Detailed TurboAnt Electric Scooter Battery Specifications:

  • X7 Max E-Scooter Battery: Ample power with 10Ah capacity.
  • X7 Pro E-Scooter Battery: Consistent endurance with 10Ah capacity.
  • V8 E-Scooter Removable Stem Battery: 7.5Ah of reliable energy.
  • V8 E-Scooter Deck Battery: Seamlessly integrated 7.5Ah capacity.
  • M10 E-Scooter Battery: An ideal 7.5Ah to keep you moving.
  • M10 Lite E-Scooter Battery: Lightweight at 6.6Ah yet powerful.

⚠️ Sales Policy Reminder:

Please be advised that electric scooter parts, including these high-quality batteries, are final sale items and are not eligible for returns.

Unleash the full potential of your TurboAnt Electric Scooter today by choosing the right battery. Your next ride awaits with the promise of endurance and reliability. Shop now and electrify your journey.

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