Envy Prodigy V2 Fork - IHC

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Envy Prodigy IHC Fork V2

    The Envy Prodigy V2 Forks are the perfect choice for any scooter rider looking for the cutting edge of innovation. These forks are pulled straight off the most popular pro scooter of all time, the Envy Prodigy. They come with 28mm and 30mm spacers so you can run them with any wheel size. Whether you want 125x30, 110x24, or 115x28, the Envy Prodigy V2 Forks have you covered. Get ready to experience the most flexible pro scooter fork on the market today! With the Envy Prodigy V2 Forks, you'll be able to experience the latest advancements and innovation in the scooter industry. Get your Envy Prodigy V2 Forks today and enjoy a ride like no other!

    With an internal compression system, these forks are designed to eliminate the need for purchasing an external compression system. The compression bolt is located on the top of the forks and compresses a shim onto the headset. This allows for a simple and affordable compression system. These forks are incredibly durable and can be used for both street and park riding. Invest in the Envy Prodigy V2 IHC Forks and you'll get a reliable and durable fork that will see you through all of your scooter sessions.


    Envy Prodigy IHC Forks V2 Specifications

    1. Made from 6061 series aluminum
    2. one-piece threadless fork featuring built-in integrated headset compression
    3. Steerer tube length: 144mm
    4. Compatible with IHC compression ONLY (built directly into forks)
    5. 10mm offset
    6. Includes spacers for 28mm and 30mm wide wheels
    7. Compatible with wheels up to 125mm diameter
    8. Available colors: BLACK, CHROME, OIL SLICK

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      Alisha Mckenzie

      Envy Prodigy V2 Fork - IHC

      Mitch L.

      I love this fork, It has been strong and light.