Envy S3 Wheels

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Introducing the Envy S3 Wheels - the perfect customization to your pro scooter! These wheels feature the popular 110mmx24mm diameter and come in 7 vibrant color ways. They are the same ones featured in the Envy ONE S3 pro scooter. With a price point that is $20 less than many comparable wheels, this is an unbeatable value for your money. Don't sacrifice quality for price - get the Envy S3 Wheels today and experience the best of both worlds!

Envy S3 Wheels are designed with an 86A hardness PU to provide superior grip, stability and comfort when riding at the skatepark. With a 24mm core and 110mm outer diameter, the Envy S3 Wheels are suitable for beginner to intermediate pro scooter riders. Featuring pre-installed bearings, these wheels are perfect for the advanced beginner to intermediate riders. The 24mm PU and core width ensure compatibility with most pro scooter forks and decks. Envy S3 Wheels are specifically crafted for skatepark use, with the softer 86A PU offering more grip for landing tricks and extra comfort. 

Envy S3 Wheels Specifications

  1. Size: 110mm
  2. Core Width: 24mm
  3. Urethane Width: 24mm
  4. Core Material: Aluminum
  5. Urethane Rating: 86A
  6. Bearings Included: Yes
  7. Sold As: Pairs
  8. Available colors: BLACK, GREEN, ORANGE, PINK, PURPLE, RED, TEAL

  9. Customer Reviews

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    Very happy with it

    I got a flat spot on one of my wheels and needed a new pair anyways so I got them since they didnt cost as much as other wheels. They ride like a dream, im supper happy with them and I finally go fast again.