Eretic Snowscoot V2 - Slope

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Eretic Snowscoot V2 - Slope

This Eretic V2 is the ideal snow scoot for the slopes and tricks. It looks basically the same as the v1 production, but a lot of details changed.

The deck is now 10 mm wider, 10 mm longer, it get pins instead of the rubber griptape.

The fork has been reinforced.

The default bar is now 20 mm higher , and 20 mm wider.

Concerning the skis, Eretic changed factory and changed the design slightly, dimensions changed to get more stability, and the form has been adapted for better carving on the snow. Less drift, more carve to be able to retain more speed.

These skis are also more robust than the previous version.

Finally, Eretic improved the leash, and provide with a short allen key that makes it easier to fix the skis.

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Slope Snow Scooter Specifications:

- weight: 11.37 lbs
- deck: 5.5 in wide / 22.8 long  / aluminum 6061 T6
- bar: 24.4 in wide / 28.4 in high / 4130 cr
- aluminum 6061 T6 pivotal fork
- Slope skis
- lock all grips



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My best birthday gift hands down.