Aztek Michael Hohmann Lucid 2 Deck

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Introducing the Aztek Michael Hohmann Lucid 2 Deck designed by Mike himself! Featuring the versatile Lucid 2 deck as its base, it comes in a wider 6.25" size for added foot space and comfortable grinds. The deck is ultra-lightweight, responsive, and perfect for all types of riders.

The stunning graphic on the bottom, designed by Olivia Monks, represents Mike's passion for video making. Follow in Mike's footsteps and elevate your riding skills, both on and off the scooter.

The Aztek Lucid Deck is a pro scooter designed by Aztek specifically for Michael Hohmann, an experienced pro rider. It comes in 6.25" wide by either 22" or 23" long, with an 84 degree headtube angle. This steeper rake is perfect for those who have mastered single tail whips and are ready for multiple ones. The headtube angle reduces resistance for flat plane whips.

The deck features boxed ends and is versatile for street, skatepark, and neighborhood riding. The 23+" length makes it ideal for intermediate to pro riders or those needing more footspace. Compatible wheel diameters: 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm, 125mm, and compatible widths: 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm.   

    Aztek Michael Hohmann Lucid 2 Deck Specifications:

    • Weight: 22" 3.88 lbs
    • Length: 22", 23"
    • Width: 6.25"
    • Footspace: 22": 16"
      23": 17"
    • Headtube Angle: 84
    • Axle Size Compatibility: M8
    • Wheel Diameter Compatibility: Up to 125mm
    • Wheel Width Compatibility: 24mm, 30mm
    • Peg Compatibility: Front: Yes, Back: No
    • 12 STD Compatibility: No
    • Grip Tape Included: No
    • Hardware/Brake Included: Brake, axle, and spacers are included

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