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The Proto Baby SlaYers Bars are back! After a much-anticipated wait of over four years, the little brother of the iconic freestyle scooter handlebar is now available. Reimagined in its classic form, the handlebar is made of 4130 chromoly and TIG welded to perfection.

The standard steel bar is SCS compatible and comes in Silver Vein, Flat Black, and RAW Clear. Also, Proto manufactures everything out of San Diego, California, USA.

Proto Slayer bars measure 28.5" tall by 24" wide, making them ideal for riders on the taller side. As a general rule, scooter bars should sit around waist height with the bar width typically being similar to the rider's shoulder width depending on personal preference.

Proto designed the Baby SlaYers as a Y-shaped scooter bar designed for street riding. Depending on your riding style, you can choose between aluminum, steel, or titanium bars. Steel bars are a popular choice among street riders due to their durability – they feature a weld that is much stronger than aluminum, and typically come with a 90-day warranty instead of the 30-day warranty on an aluminum bar.

So, if you're looking for a bar that's built to last, the Proto Baby SlaYer is a great choice.

Finally, It is also important to consider scooter compression when selecting a pro scooter bar – Proto bars are designed to be compatible with SCS and do not have a slit. If you're after the ultimate street bar, then the Baby SlaYer is the one for you.  

Proto Baby SlaYers Bar Specifications:

    1. Weight: 3.15 lbs
    2. Width: 24"
    3. Height: 28.5"
    4. Material: Steel
    5. Outer Bar Diameter: Standard
    6. Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
    7. Stock Compression compatibility: SCS
    8. Other Compression Compatibility: IHC (with slit installed) 
    9. Stock Slit: No
    10. Riding Style: Street
    11. Available colors: FLAT BLACK, RAW/CLEAR, SILVER VEIN
    12. Profile / Shape: Y-Bar, hence the capitol "Y" in SlaYers


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