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The Proto Sentinel SCS Clamp is the most technically advanced Standard Compression System ever created. With an impressive 3.5" size, it offers 2 inches of handlebar support, 30 percent more than a 3 inch SCS, and larger 8mm bolts with 6mm allen drives, giving it the ability to stay tighter, longer than any other SCS on the market. The offset slot provides 25 percent more threads for the new larger hardware to tighten into, allowing for increased torque and decreased chance of stripping.

It's the perfect choice for tall bars and riders looking for superior performance, safety, and strength. Experience the next generation of Standard Compression System with the Proto Sentinel SCS Clamp.It is the smallest SCS clamp, standing at just half an inch taller than the full-sized version, yet offers the same level of clamping power.

It is also lightweight, thanks to its tapered top and base and two cutouts that remove unnecessary material and weight. A brand new feature, the Spreader Bolt, can be used opposite of the 4 main clamp bolts to open the clamp for easy installation and removal.

The SCS logo is placed symbolically as the third eye of the Sentinel in the center of a crown of thorns, representing enlightenment and salvation from the ways of the past and guarding the future of scooter design. The Proto Sentinel SCS Clamp is the ultimate choice for those looking to maximize their scooter performance.

 The Proto SCS clamp is designed for use with standard outer diameter bars without a slit and cannot be altered for oversized bars. The Proto Sentinel SCS is fitted with M8 bolts for increased clamping power, which are less likely to strip than M6 bolts. To ensure a secure fit, it is recommended to tighten the bolts one at a time, in increments of 1/2 turn, until all bolts are completely tightened. 

Proto Sentinel SCS Clamp Specifications:

    1. Weight - 0.53 lbs
    2. Material - Aluminum
    3. Total height - 3"
    4. Clamp Bolt Head Size/Type - 8mm, 6mm heads
    5. Hardware included - YES
    6. Bar size compatibility - Standard
    7. Suitable Compressions - SCS
    8. Bolt count - 4
    9. Available colors: BLACK, GOLD, ORANGE, PINK, PURPLE, RED, SILVER

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    Alexa Short

    It works great and is tall without being too heavy.