Root Industries Invictus Bars - Afterburner

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Root Industries Invictus Afterburner Bars

The Root Industries Invictus Afterburner line of pro scooter bars are unlike any option available on the freestyle scootering market. Root Afterburner Bars Blend together the classic sheen of chrome with a vibrant blast of beautiful Blu-ray or high-octane Rocket Fuel. The colors featured on the this unique bar lineup are sure to blow you away!

The Invictus Bars by Root Industries are available in the same popular sizing as the rest of the Root Invictus bar lineup. Afterburner handlebars are a comfortable fit for most scooter riders beginner to advanced and highly durable due to their specialized “HMA” (HI-Modulus Alloy) design. In conclusion, the very unique colors and functionality shows there is no better option than the After Burner lineup by Root Industries.