Root Industries Lithium Pro Scooter

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 Root Industries Lithium Pro Scooter

The new Root Industries Lithium complete comes bursting into the market, leaving a trail of shock and awe in its wake. This first of its kind hybrid scooter is perfect for riders wishing to fast-track their progression in both street and park trickery for anyone just getting into the sport, up to more experienced scooter riders. The Root Lithium pro scooter features all of the benefits that come with a custom build while eliminating the hassles of compatibility issues and makes assembly a breeze. This complete has been tested over a long period of time by a number of very highly-renowned riders. In addition, the Lithium complete has proven time and time again to be remarkably durable, perfectly balanced and effortless to control.
Also the Lithium complete also comes in a Special Edition configuration featuring an all-new wheel design in the Lotus wheel.This beautiful complete is already sending shockwaves through the scootering industry.

Root Industries has introduced some new and unique features on this complete scooter, including:


Ultra-wide 30mm Lithium and Lotus wheels with their famous ABEC-11 bearings, for incredible control and unrivaled speed.


Maximum foot-space, square box-ends, flat sides, and a beautiful 82.5 degree lofted forged headtube, make the Lithium deck so much fun to ride.


The most incredible feature on the Lithium complete scooter is the introduction to the sport of the Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA) handlebars. These bars are as light as aluminium, but almost 50% stronger. You would expect to find these bars on a high-end custom scooter, but somehow Root Industries have managed to include them on this mid-priced complete.

  • Ultra-wide 120mm x 30mm Lithium Wheels with fast ABEC-11 bearings
  • HMA “HI-Modulus Alloy” Aluminum handlebars - 25” x 23” (630mm x 580mm)
  • IHC Compression
  • All new super-soft and durable R2 Grips
  • Super-smooth AIR Headset 
  • Forged Lithium Deck - 4.8” x 20.6” (123mm x 525mm); 82.5 degree headtube angle; 2mm concave
  • Forged Lithium forks
  • Boxed deck-ends/dropouts
  • High-tensile axles, high-quality nylon brake
  • Unique “one-tool” assembly and disassembly

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