Tilt Stage 1 Bar

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Tilt Stage 1 Bar

Tilt has revamped their previous Scout Bar with the Stage I Handlebar. In addition, it is crafted to be the best balance of strength and price. Also, Tilts unique heat-treat process strengthens the material to decrease risk of bends and cracks. You get incredible strength at a fair pricepoint. If you're looking for steel bars, you can't go wrong with the Stage I Handlebar. These bars even taper at the weld point to decrease weight. Tilt really raised the bar with this one. No pun intended.


Weight: 2.9lb
Material: Heat-treated 4130 cro-moly steel
Size: 24" W X 27.5″ H
Backsweep: 0.0°
Upsweep: 0.0°
Steertube: 3D Formed


Clamp & Compression: Standard 1-¼"