TurboAnt Electric Scooter Brake Calipers

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Enhance Your Ride with TurboAnt Electric Scooter Brake Calipers

Elevate your TurboAnt Electric Scooter's safety and performance with our exclusive replacement brake calipers. Specifically shaped to integrate flawlessly with models such as the X7 MaxX7 ProV8, and M10 Lite, these calipers are indispensable for riders seeking a trustworthy braking system.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly Compatible: Designed to fit seamlessly with TurboAnt X7 Max, X7 Pro, V8, and M10 Lite e-scooters, these brake calipers ensure a perfect enhancement to your scooter's braking system.
  • Effortless Installation: Refresh your scooter's stopping capabilities with the simple installation process that quickly gets you back to safely navigating the streets.
  • Built to Last: Created for enduring regular usage and various weather conditions, replacement TuubroAnt brake calipers are constructed for durability and sustained functionality.
  • Refined Control: Meticulously engineered to fit your scooter's framework directly, allowing for precise brake application and smooth stoppage.

Product Description:

Transform your TurboAnt journey with our top-tier Electric Scooter Brake Calipers. Consistent and reliable brakes are essential when traversing crowded urban landscapes or cruising down relaxing paths. Our replacement brake calipers deliver an upgrade in mechanical reliability and ensure that you maintain control and stability during your ride.

Designed with performance and comfort in mind, our TurboAnt brake calipers maintain your electric scooter's sleek appearance and efficiency. At the same time, their straightforward installation means minimal interruption and maximum enjoyment of your scooting experience.


  • TurboAnt X7 Max Electric Scooter
  • TurboAnt X7 Pro Electric Scooter
  • TurboAnt V8 Electric Scooter
  • TurboAnt M10 Electric Scooter (Calipers optimized for this model)
  • TurboAnt M10 Lite Electric Scooter

Get your TurboAnt Electric Scooter Brake Calipers today and achieve superior braking confidence on every trip!

Please choose the right enhancement for your ride with our premium TurboAnt brake calipers, and rest assured that your scooter's stopping power is reliable.

⚠️ Sales Policy Reminder:

Please be advised that electric scooter parts, including these high-quality brake calipers, are final sale items and are not eligible for returns.

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