TurboAnt Electric Scooter Brake Discs

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Achieve Peak Performance with TurboAnt Electric Scooter Brake Discs

Enhance the braking efficiency of your TurboAnt Electric Scooter with our premium replacement brake discs. Offering a direct fit for the X7 MaxX7 ProV8M10, and M10 Lite models, these brake discs are meticulously designed to provide a squeak-free and reliable braking experience, suitable for even the most demanding riders.

Key Features:

  • Precise Fit for TurboAnt Models: Tailored to match the specific needs of TurboAnt scooters, including X7 Max, X7 Pro, V8, M10, and M10 Lite models.
  • Two Size Options: Available in both 110mm and 120mm to accommodate different scooter setups; select the size that matches your needs for optimal braking performance.
  • Full Installation Kit Included: Each brake disc comes with screws for a secure and straightforward installation process, allowing you to quickly return to a smooth riding journey.
  • Engineered for Durability: Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring longevity, resistance to wear, and exceptional performance.
  • Compatibility Enhanced Design: The 6-hole design is designed to align with TurboAnt e-scooters, ensuring seamless compatibility.

Say farewell to inefficient, noisy brakes with our durable TurboAnt Electric Scooter Brake Discs. Whether you're an urban commuter or a leisure rider, these stainless steel brake discs are engineered to provide a silent and potent stopping force. By replacing bent or worn brake discs, you not only prolong your scooter's life span but also enjoy a more refined and safe ride.

Equipped with everything required for installation, including the brake disc screws, you'll find the setup to be a hassle-free experience. Simple yet effective, these brake discs are a smart choice for maintaining your TurboAnt E-scooter's peak braking capability.

Our brake discs are not just replacement parts; they are advancements in your TurboAnt E-scooter's performance, ensuring that every stop is as smooth and immediate as the last.


  • TurboAnt X7 Max Electric Scooter
  • TurboAnt X7 Pro Electric Scooter
  • TurboAnt V8 Electric Scooter
  • TurboAnt M10 Electric Scooter
  • TurboAnt M10 Lite Electric Scooter

Order your replacement TurboAnt Electric Scooter Brake Disc now and take your riding safety and comfort to the next level!

Please select the correct brake disc design specific to your TurboAnt scooter model to ensure perfect compatibility and performance enhancement.

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⚠️ Sales Policy Reminder:

Please be advised that electric scooter parts, including these high-quality brake disc rotors, are final sale items and are not eligible for returns.

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