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It was started in 2012 by 19 year old Joseph with the guidance of long time friend and owner of Wicked Customs, Pro-scooters and skateboards in Huntington Beach. During the Christmas season of 2012, Joseph was at River Park (a local shopping center in Fresno) daily, rain or shine, Promoting his merchandise and the sport. With every penny he made, he would buy more inventory. When Joseph leased his first shop it was a tiny 8’ x 14’ office space, but it was a store front and a genuine brick and mortar. It had just enough room in the back for a...

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Intruducing Alpha Pro Scooters __________     I’m excited to finally introduce Alpha Pro Scooters! At first glance, this may look like a simple website addition, but this is actually the biggest launch we’ve ever done. When I launched Xtreme Customs over 3 years ago, I had very little idea where it would go or how long it would last. I didn’t start with a business plan or even much of a strategy about sustaining it or growing it. It was merely a passion project that I started on the side. Fun, bold, and high quality was the promise. Scooters were the medium....

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